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When it's Okay to 'Just Say No' in a High-Asset Divorce

 Posted on December 19, 2014 in Child Custody

Cedar Park complex divorce attorney, complex litigation, high-asset divorce, high-asset divorce attorney, divorce negotiations, complex divorce negotiations, complex custodyThere are many decisions that need to be made when going through a high-asset divorce. Various key issues that divorcing couples face include child custody and support, property and asset division, and spousal support. In addition, even the most "friendly" divorces can suddenly turn contentious when one of these high-priority issues reveal a couple is on opposite ends of the agreement spectrum. Hence, it is critical to consult an aggressive attorney who is experienced in complex divorces.

It is also critical to communicate clearly with your high-asset divorce attorney. He or she is there to represent you, so it is important to articulate your exact wishes. Make sure your attorney is aware of what you feel is appropriate when it comes to equitable distribution of a marital estate and spousal support. Also, it is okay to say "no" to a suggestion your attorney makes, after carefully considering what he or she suggests. Share your reasons why you feel the suggestion is not the right course of action for you. But remember, the whole key to negotiating is that you often have to give up something in order to receive something else you want more.

With that said, there are also instances where it is okay to hold your ground and not back down to what you feel is best for you or your family.

When it comes to complex child custody negotiations, it is okay to disagree with arrangements that you feel are not in the best interests of your child. For example, if your spouse wants joint physical custody, but he or she has a job that requires significant traveling and your child would be left in the care of a third party, then you have every right to object to that and insist on other arrangements.

Courts will often award child support and/or alimony when a high-asset divorce is first filed. If you feel the interim amounts awarded are unfair, you have every right to dispute the amount and show why it should be more. This is especially true in divorces which involve complex litigation that may take years to settle.

If you are considering divorce and believe it will involve complex custody, property, or high asset issues, it is essential to contact an experienced Cedar Park complex divorce attorney to begin planning and strategizing. Call 512-610-6199 today.

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