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Austin, Texas Restraining Orders and Family Violence Attorneys

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Domestic Violence Lawyers Protecting Families in Travis County

It is not at all uncommon for family violence (also called domestic violence) to be part of divorce or other family law lawsuits. Family disputes can become extremely heated and emotionally charged, and situations can quickly become dangerous. If you or your children are the victims of physical violence or even just threats of physical violence, you should take steps to protect yourselves as soon as possible.

Your first step should be to seek assistance from law enforcement in order to ensure your safety and the safety of any children involved. Our attorneys can then help with subsequent steps, including obtaining civil orders of protection and restraining orders. Our firm takes client and child safety very seriously, and can help establish the legal protections you need for your own secutiry and peace of mind.

Obtaining a Restraining Order in Austin

If you fear for your safety or the safety of your children, you can file for a restraining order at the courthouse using only your testimony as the evidence supporting its issuance. If the judge proceeds to issue a temporary restraining order, he or she will schedule a future hearing to determine if the duration of the order should be extended. At that future hearing, the alleged perpetrator of the threat or violence will have the opportunity to present testimony and evidence in his or her defense against the allegations that led to the order.

Knowing how to file for, support, and argue the legitimacy of a temporary restraining order is imperative for establishing legal protection in the face of family or domestic violence. Given that most perpetrators of such violence offend more than once, the vast majority of victims in these situations will need continued guidance and support beyond the steps taken to secure the initial temporary restraining order.

Contact an Experienced Family Violence and Restraining Order Lawyer in Austin, TX

Nothing could be more important than your own personal safety and the safety of your children. If you are involved in a family or domestic violence situation, you need an attorney who is skilled and experienced in this area to help protect you. The lawyers of Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC have been assisting clients with these challenging matters for more than four decades. We will endeavor to make sure that you and your children have the best possible legal protections while we help you resolve your difficult family disputes. Call 512-610-6199 or contact us today to discuss your situation.

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