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Post-Divorce Name Changes

 Posted on February 24, 2017 in Complex Divorce

Texas complex litigation attorney, Texas high asset divorce lawyerThose who choose to change their last name when they get married, but later decide to obtain a divorce, have the option of reverting to their maiden name as a part of the divorce proceedings. However, there are other methods of achieving this goal, so if you are a Texas resident, are going through a divorce, and want to legally change your name, it is important to speak with an experienced complex divorce attorney who can walk you through the process.

Divorce Decrees

In Texas, a party to a divorce can change his or her name during the divorce process itself by including a request with the petition for a dissolution of marriage. In addition to the request, the party must certify that he or she is not requesting the name change in order to avoid facing criminal charges or other similar reasons. When these steps have been fulfilled, the family court can order the name change as part of the divorce decree, which can be used as proof of a legal name change at a later date. It is important to note, however, that individuals cannot utilize this process for changing their name to something other than their maiden name.

Legal Name Changes

Those who wish to change their name during a divorce, but fail to include the request with the petition are not barred from changing their names. Instead, these individuals must file a petition with the district county clerk. The petition must include specific information, including each applicant’s:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Date of birth; and
  • Social Security number.

Applicants must also include the new name that they wish to go by as well as the reason for the requested change. Those with criminal records must disclose details about those convictions and provide criminal history identification numbers. After completing the petition, applicants must take the following steps:

  • Provide a set of fingerprints;
  • Sign their petition in the presence of a notary and swear that the information it contains is true and correct; and
  • Create an order for name change that the judge can later sign.

At this point, the court will choose a time for a hearing where the judge will determine whether an applicant has fulfilled the steps necessary to legally changing his or her name.

Call an Experienced Complex Divorce Attorney

A person’s decision to change his or her name during a divorce proceeding can have a meaningful and significant impact on his or her ability to start a new life after the marriage is dissolved. However, this process can be delayed if the parties do not fulfill certain obligations; as such, if you have questions about changing your name, please contact a skilled Leander complex divorce attorney at Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC today.



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