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How Can I Prepare for a Complex Divorce?

 Posted on December 05, 2023 in Complex Divorce

Austin complex divorce lawyerDivorce is a challenging process, and the stakes are higher when high-value assets, children, and conflict are involved. Divorces that involve substantial assets or conflicts are considered complex divorces, and settling a complex divorce is often more difficult and lengthier overall. An experienced attorney will work to help you settle a complex divorce favorably and make this process less stressful.

What Is a Complex Divorce?

Complex divorces are those that involve high-value assets and high-value net worths, in addition to divorces with significant conflict and issues settling agreements, such as child custody arrangements. Complex divorces may deal with assets subject to various Texas tax and property division laws, which makes having an experienced divorce attorney in your corner all the more important as you divide property and assets.

Issues that tend to make a divorce complex include:

  • Complex or contested child custody arrangements
  • High net worths
  • High-value properties and assets
  • Joint businesses
  • Discovery of hidden assets
  • Substantial conflict and lack of agreement
  • Contested alimony or spousal support arrangements

If you want to make sure that you get your fair share during a complex divorce, it helps to get organized and keep track of shared assets and properties right away. This information will need to be reviewed by a lawyer during your divorce as part of the evaluation process, and having it on hand helps make divorce proceedings smoother.

Preparations for Complex Divorce

Preparing for a complex divorce is difficult, and your first step should be to meet with a knowledgeable complex divorce attorney for guidance. Other steps that help you prepare for your divorce proceedings include:

  • Reviewing any pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements.
  • Gathering financial records.
  • Collecting information about shared business operations and assets.
  • Drafting a child custody plan if children are involved in your divorce.

You may also explore alternative options for your divorce, such as mediation. When a lawyer acts as a mediator, you can create a more collaborative and effective approach to your complex divorce, reducing the chances of conflict.

Contact an Austin, TX Complex Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are stressful, and many components of a divorce need to be settled before you and your former spouse can go your separate ways. A complex divorce involving high-value assets, conflict, or custody issues may create further stress. Contact an experienced Travis County, TX divorce attorney at Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC as soon as possible for guidance on the next steps in your complex divorce. Call 512-610-6199 for a consultation.

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