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What Not to Say When Talking to Your Children About Divorce

 Posted on August 11, 2013 in Divorce

Going through a divorce is a hard enough thing to do on its own, throw children into the mix and it can become an extremely stressful situation.  Many people give advice on what to say to your kids when telling them about your divorce, "I will always love you", etc.  However, not many people know what you should not say when breaking the news to your children.

LaraDon't share too many details

Remember that your children are in fact children.  They do not need to be let in on the dramatic details and reasons for your divorce.  In many cases, kids will ask questions about what caused it.  If the questions become too much, you can always tell them that some of the reasons are "adult in nature."  Try to answer their questions without divulging too much information.

Do not expect your child to take sides

While it may feel good to surround yourself with people who support you and your decisions during your divorce, your children do not need to play this role. Your friends and adult family members can support you; your children should not need to worry about this.  Even if your divorce is not completely amicable, remember your kids still have a relationship with your ex.  No matter how you feel on a personal level about him or her, you still need to acknowledge that your child will have a relationship with them.

Talking to your kids about divorce can be hard.  In general, you want to try to do it with your spouse and agree on what you will say ahead of time.  If you or someone you know is preparing to have this talk with children and have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a Texas family law attorney to assist you.

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