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What Do I Do if My Spouse Delays Our Divorce?

 Posted on March 13, 2024 in Divorce

Austin, TX divorce lawyerDivorce proceedings have the potential to take months, and this process is challenging enough without your soon-to-be ex slowing down the process. There are many different reasons why your divorce proceedings may be delayed, and some of them may be valid. However, your spouse may be causing problems due to high emotions and a contested divorce.

An aggressive Texas divorce lawyer can help you figure out if your spouse is delaying your divorce without a good reason.

Common Delays in a Texas Divorce

Even when a divorce is agreed upon by both parties, divorce proceedings can take at least two months. This is because the Texas Family Code states that divorces must adhere to a sixty-day waiting period before they can be granted, except in divorces where domestic or family violence has been present.

Further delays in your divorce may be caused by the division of personal assets, valuation of properties and other items, and the presence of children in your divorce that need to be taken care of. Additionally, your spouse may work to delay your divorce by being argumentative or uncooperative.

How Do I Stop Delays in My Texas Divorce?

While there is not too much you can do about delays in divorce proceedings that are due to the discovery and evaluation process, when it comes to dealing with a spouse that is slowing down proceedings, there are some steps you can take.

One of the most important things to do is to secure an aggressive divorce attorney who uses an intentional approach to your divorce. This helps you ensure you are protected against any tactics your spouse may be using to slow your divorce and that time-wasting in your divorce is kept to a minimum.

You may also want to attempt mediation with your spouse to come to a mutually satisfying agreement about important divorce factors. If your spouse is delaying your divorce without reason, you may be able to send your case to final trial, where both parties and their legal counsel will present their sides in court and the judge will make final divorce decisions.

Contact a Travis County, TX Divorce Lawyer

When your spouse is slowing down the process of your divorce, you need a knowledgeable, aggressive, and dedicated Austin, TX divorce attorney on your side. Attorney Bill Powers at Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC is ready to help you navigate difficult family dynamics and take a solutions-oriented approach to ensure your divorce proceedings are completed in a mature, strategic fashion.

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