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Reasons Why Married Couples Split

 Posted on November 21, 2013 in Family Law

reason to divorceMarriage requires upkeep. Romance, intimacy, and communication are three things that can become more difficult as time passes.  Issues and arguments will come up in every marriage. However, in some cases, you and your spouse may decide that divorce is the best option for you.

One cause of divorce is infidelity.  The bonds of love and trust are often irrevocably damaged when cheating occurs. In Texas, if you choose to file a fault based divorce, infidelity can affect things such as property division and alimony during your divorce settlement.

Another possible cause of divorce is physical or emotional abuse.  It can be harder to split from someone who exerts their power with cruelty. No one should excuse this kind of behavior and the abused spouse should seek to safely separate from the abusive spouse. An order of protection or a restraining order can be helpful in this situation.

A recent study has determined the most common reasons for divorce.  The love and life website Yourtango.com surveyed a hundred mental health experts about the most common cited reason to divorce.  65 professionals said that communication issues were the most common reason why couples split.  The second most common reason is because couples weren't able to resolve their problems.

To each sex, the meaning of communication issues is different, which can create communication issues.  For men, the most cited communication problem was that women nagged and whined too much.  Women often felt that their partner did not validate their thoughts and emotions.

If you are experiencing problems in your marriage, it may help to seek out the assistance of a professional who can work  with you to resolve your issues.   Though, if the reason that you are seeking a divorce is not fixable, your best option may be to seek the assistance of a legal professional.  Contact an experienced family law attorney in Austin today who can represent your best interests during a divorce.

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