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Questions to Ask Your Lawyer in a High Asset Divorce

 Posted on June 23, 2020 in High Asset Divorce

b2ap3_thumbnail_lawyer_20200629-020558_1.jpgWhen you are meeting with attorneys and deciding how to proceed with your Texas high asset divorce, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have the right advocate on your side. While there are many different law firms that may do work in family law, it is essential to hire an experienced Austin high asset divorce attorney who has particular experience working on high net worth divorce cases and ensuring that high asset divorces are handled as smoothly as possible. You also want to be certain that you have an attorney who understands your particular needs and will tailor any legal strategies to fit the facts of your specific case. When you are in the early stages of planning for a high asset divorce, the following are some of the questions you should ask potential attorneys with whom you schedule consultations.

Do You Handle High Asset Divorce Cases?

As we mentioned above, it is imperative that you hire a Texas divorce attorney who has extensive experience handling high asset or high net worth divorce cases under Texas law. Although many different family law attorneys in the Austin, TX area may have experience representing clients in divorce cases, high asset divorces have a wide variety of specific issues that may not arise in a divorce involving middle-class couples.

Can I Speak with Satisfied Clients or Read Testimonials?

Your Texas high asset divorce lawyer should always be willing to provide you with information about successes and satisfied clients. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to put you in touch with previous clients who were satisfied with the outcome of their high net worth divorce, and who can speak to the attorney’s experience handling cases similar to your own. For other law firms, it may be possible to have access to testimonials from previous clients.

Do You Regularly Work with Forensic Accountants on Divorce Cases?

Most high asset divorces in Texas will require assistance from a forensic accountant. It can be extremely helpful to know about your potential lawyer’s experience with particular forensic accountants, and whether they anticipate using a forensic accountant to discover hidden assets in your divorce case.

How Do You Handle Issues of Complex Property Valuation?

Any family law attorney in Texas with experience handling high asset divorce will be able to provide you with more information about tackling issues like complex property valuation. For example, if you and your spouse own a valuable art collection, does the lawyer routinely work with an appraiser who can assist with your case? What strategies does the lawyer have for assessing the value of intangible property?

Do You Assist Clients with Child Custody in High Asset Divorces?

Whether you have minor children from your marriage or other legal issues that are particular to your divorce, it is important to know whether the firm has a complex child custody attorney or complex litigation attorney who can assist with other legal issues that may arise in your high net worth divorce.

Contact an Aggressive Austin High Asset Divorce Attorney

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