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Professionals You May Want on Your Divorce Team

 Posted on September 12, 2019 in High Asset Divorce

TX divorce attorneyHaving individual legal representation during divorce proceedings is one of the best ways that divorcing couples can ensure that their marriages are dissolved as quickly and smoothly as possible. There are, however, other professionals who can also play a crucial role in helping couples divide their most valuable assets, come up with alimony agreements, and negotiate child custody arrangements. Determining who to contact for help with your own divorce can be difficult, so if you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, you should consult with an experienced high asset divorce lawyer who can assist you in building a dedicated divorce team.

Business Valuators

Hiring a team of professionals can play an important part in helping a divorcing couple resolve their differences, especially when it comes to valuable, unique, or complex assets. For instance, many of those who are involved in high asset divorces own one or more business interests. In these cases, divorcing parties are usually encouraged to retain an experienced business valuator who can provide an accurate assessment of a company’s value. Taking this step is critical to ensuring that any property division agreements are equitable and fair to both parties.

Forensic Accountants

Couples with significant, unique, or especially valuable assets are much more at risk of having one spouse attempt to hide those assets from the other during a divorce. Hiring a forensic accountant is one of the best ways to prevent this type of behavior, as these individuals are uniquely equipped to identify and appraise assets through the in-depth analysis of financial records. It’s actually a good idea for any couples who are going through a high asset divorce to consult with a forensic accountant. This is true even for those who are not concerned about hidden assets, as it is not uncommon for couples with complicated investment portfolios to forget to account for certain valuable marital property.


Not all divorces need to go through litigation. In fact, alternative methods of dispute resolution have become more and more common amongst couples who are grappling with family law issues. For example, many divorcing couples choose to attempt mediation in lieu of litigation when trying to resolve divorce-related legal matters. Mediation requires the presence of a mediator or neutral facilitator who can help parties come to an out-of-court agreement on the terms of their divorce. Mediation isn’t right for everyone, so it is important for divorcing couples to speak with an attorney before deciding to hire a mediator.


Although the financial aspects of divorce may be a couple’s primary concern, it is also important to focus on the emotional consequences of dissolving a marriage. Consulting with a therapist can help divorcing parties endure these difficult times, clarify their needs, and make smart long-term decisions.

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