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How to Prepare for an Imminent High Asset Divorce

 Posted on August 13, 2020 in High Asset Divorce

TX high asset divorcePreparing for an imminent divorce in Texas is difficult under any circumstances. Whether you are planning to file but want to make sure you are the one who serves your spouse with papers, or you have recently been served with a divorce petition, getting ready for a divorce can be extremely stressful. High asset divorces in Texas make preparation for a divorce even more complicated given the value and complexity of many assets that will be classified as community property under Texas law. When an Austin high net worth divorce is imminent, you should begin taking steps to ensure that you have the best chance of reaching a divorce resolution that is right for you. The following are tips for preparing for an imminent high asset divorce. If you have additional questions or need assistance, you should reach out to an experienced Texas high net worth divorce lawyer as soon as possible for legal advice.

Find an Attorney with Experience Handling High Net Worth Divorces in Texas

It is incredibly important to have a lawyer with experience representing Texas clients in high asset divorce cases. While you might think that any well-reviewed divorce attorney can handle your case, it is in your best interest to hire a high asset divorce lawyer who knows how to effectively represent clients in your position. High net worth divorces can have a variety of complex and contentious issues, and you will want to have an advocate on your side who knows what to do.

Learn About Appraisers and How They Can Help with Asset Valuation

Now is the time to begin learning about appraisers and how an appraiser can help you to obtain fair valuations for assets that will likely be classified as community property. You should not rely on your spouse to hire an appraiser. To be sure, you will want to work with an appraiser who is clearly a neutral party and will not give a biased valuation of certain tangible property.

Find Out More About Forensic Accountants and How They Can Help You Located Concealed Assets

You should start thinking now about the potential need for a forensic accountant. If you have any concerns at all about whether your spouse is likely to conceal assets so that they will not be divided in your divorce, or there are assets you cannot locate, a forensic accountant will likely be necessary.

Get Your Financial Documents in Order

You should not wait to get your financial documents in order. Now is the time to make certain you have everything you will need for your divorce case.

Seek Advice from a Texas High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

At Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC, we know how complicated divorce planning can be, particularly for a high net worth divorce. Our team has years of experience representing Texas clients in high asset divorce cases, an experienced Austin high asset divorce attorney at our firm can speak with you today about getting started on your case. For high net worth divorces involving specific disputes or matters pertaining to child custody, a complex litigation attorney or complex child custody attorney is here to help. Contact Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC online or call our office today at 512-610-6199.





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