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Can I Stop My Ex from Wasting Child Support on Herself?

 Posted on April 19, 2024 in Child Support

Austin child support lawyerChild support payments can be a heated topic, and if you are making payments to your ex-wife regularly, it may upset you if you suspect she is spending them on herself instead of to benefit your shared child. Navigating child support once it has been paid to your ex-spouse is complex, and a seasoned Texas child support lawyer is necessary to help you aggressively advocate for your child support payments to be used properly.

Can I See What My Ex is Spending Child Support On?

Many people who pay child support are curious to see what their ex-spouse is spending the payments on, though that is not typically possible. Once you pay your ex, they have full discretion on what to do with your child support payments, as long as they are being used to provide for your shared child.

Your ex-spouse is not required to disclose the nature of their spending habits, though you may be able to see if your ex suddenly has brand new clothing, expensive appliances, or a new vehicle or seems to be living at a higher standard than during your marriage. These actions can indicate that your ex is not using her child support payments properly.

What Do I Do If My Ex is Not Providing For Our Shared Child?

If you suspect that your ex-spouse is spending child support money on herself frivolously instead of providing for your shared child, there are a few essential steps to take.

  • Gather evidence – this is one of the most important steps, as you will need to show evidence to your legal counsel and a judge that proves your ex is not spending child support properly.
  • Refrain from involving your child – any dispute between you and your ex-spouse about child support payments should not involve your child unless you suspect that your child is being neglected or abused.
  • Speak with a lawyer – an attorney can help you figure out if your child support payments are being spent improperly and what your next steps are if your child is being neglected due to your ex-spouse’s spending.

In the case that your shared child is suffering due to your ex’s spending habits with your child support payments, you may need to contact the authorities.

Contact an Austin, TX Child Support Lawyer

Ensuring the safety and care of your shared child after a divorce is stressful, and if you suspect your ex-spouse is not spending your child support payments properly, you might be wondering what to do. A seasoned Travis County, TX child support attorney can review your child support case and advocate for you and your child’s rights.

At Powers Kerr & Rashidi, PLLC, we aggressively protect our client’s rights and have the skills to navigate even the most complex child support cases. Call 512-610-6199 for a consultation.

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