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Breaking the News About Your Divorce

 Posted on September 30, 2013 in Divorce

In the midst of all the tumultuous emotions connected to divorce, there's also the anxiety about breaking the news of your divorce to family, friends, and members of the community who might need to know. At a bare minimum, without know how to broach this situation, you might find yourself in some awkward situations. Knowing how to prepare yourself for this process can help to reduce those nerves and ensure the highest possibility for success.

LauraAuthor Constance Ahrons has identified several stages within the divorce process. The three stages at the outset of a divorce can be the most difficult to cope with, as there is a tremendous amount of change to manage. These three stages are the decision to divorce, the announcement of the divorce, and the actual separation itself.

When it comes time to tell family and friends about your decision, be prepared for the difficulty of this challenge. Unless your spouse was abusive or unusually cruel, there will be family members and friends who might be surprised by your decision and some may even want to argue over your choice. If you are able to, the best scenario is to sit down with your spouse and your family members to break the news together. You can work through what to say and come to an agreement on the presentation.

If you have to share the announcement on your own, don't drag it out. In this situation, coming out and saying it bluntly can be a good way to allow the conversation to be steered in a way you control. If your spouse had a strong relationship with your family or friends, don't force them into agreement to terminate their relationship with that individual. There will certainly be growing pains throughout this process, but you can ease some of your concern by hiring a successful Texas divorce attorney.

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